[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] Do the purses have compartments for all sanitaryware?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] Our All-In-One purse caters for tampons, pads and the knickers together or individually, as well as pantyliners and intimate wipes. Our Petite purse has space for non-applicator tampons, a pantyliner and the spare knickers.


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] Would they be suitable for girls who have not started their periods yet?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] Yes – our purses are discreet and our All-In-One purse has all the products you need for the first time without having to ask someone else.


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] How big are the purses?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] The All-In-One purse measures 16cm x 12cm when closed, the Petite purse measures 8cm x 8cm when closed, and the Slim purse measures 15cm x 4cm when closed.


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] What are the knickers like?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] They are one size black 100% cotton briefs, and are washable and reusable.


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] Can I replace the items in the purses?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] Yes, the purses take multiples of each item as well as the knickers, so you can replace them with your favourite brands.


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] Are the purses restricted to just one age group?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] No, they are suitable for girls and women of any age!


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] What size are the knickers?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] The knickers are approximately a UK size 10-12.


[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] What is the maximum that each purse can hold?


[dropcap]A.[/dropcap] Please see the product description at the bottom of every product page, this details the different combinations the purses can hold.

What size are the knickers?

The knickers are approximately a UK size 10-12.

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