We’re back! After some legal changes within the company (now owned by Totally4 Ltd) and some time offline whilst we got everything in order… we’re back!

So what’s changed?

Well, you may have noticed our branding has been tightened up a little bit. The branding of our purses and packaging still remains the same but as time goes on we hope to incorporate these too.

The website has had a complete makeover, not only in looks but also functionality. If you want, you can now sign up for an account where you can track your orders, as well as seeing previous orders, and it also saves your address for fast re-ordering! Aswell as all those nice bells & whistles we have also added this new blog that we hope to update regularly, but also we get alot of requests from beauty & retail bloggers looking to review our products so as & when they come along we’ll share them on here with you!

For those of you who remember our old site, and photos, you might notice we’ve had some snazzy new photos done too – mainly because our products have always been fab but we’ve always been pretty bad at capturing them right. So hopefully now you can see them in their full glory!